Frequently Asked Questions

    To Join Ad-Hoc task as a service provider simply click here
    Pro is a person who can complete tasks for Buyers within the Ad-Hock Task community. They are an independent contractor who holds member accounts, just as Buyers on the platform.
    To register with us is free of charge, how ever we charge small amount to allow you initiate contact with client who post a request for service from people like you
    Yes. Our active customer always request help from local trader and service men and women through ad-hoc task. These services include but not limited to: home improvement and maintenance, gardening, events, weddings, photography, language lessons, music lessons, wellness, fitness, coaching and sport, business services, writing and translation, computer repair and much more.
    To get started you will first need to register, add your business location and how you meet customers: they come to you, you go to them, and/or you deliver your services online or over the phone. Create and outstanding profile for your business. We use this information plus our algorithms to match you with the right customers. Send a bid to the customers that are of a great interest for you.
    NO. we do not charge any commission, all the money you charge fro your services are all yours to keep. you only buy credit to contact customers who posted a request matching what you offer.
    No you are not employed by Ad-hoc task, but you are only using a platform to find customers fro your business, Ad-hoc task will not interfere with your business or your local taxes, its your responsibilities.
    Buyer is a person who is looking to get tasks completed by seller, whether it's in person or online. It's free to post a task, so if you have something you need done, simply create an account and describe it to the community. Keep in mind you will need to be over 18 years old. Taskers will then be able to make an offer to complete your task and you can view their profiles and decide who to pick.
    To hire a pro is very simple as 123... you review his/her profile, see the service he/she provide and make a decision base on that. agree on the price and seal the deal.
    You both agree on the methods of payment that suits both of you .